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Dot paintings


satu turunen-taheri

Born in northern Karelen, Kontiolahti, Finland, I moved to Sweden 40 years ago. In 1989 I took a watercolour course in Gothenburg and that is where it all started. I painting some over the years but in 2018 I took it seriously and started painting every single day and have been doing it since. Now it’s mostly in acrylic and the I get most of my inspiration from nature. 


I love to try new techniques och today I experiment a lot which you clearly can see in my work. I make a lot of abstract artwork and have done a lot of ‘fluid’ pieces. I also love to do ‘dot paintings’ which I took inspirit from the aborigines after a trip to Australia.


I live and am working from Stockholm, Sweden where I also work as an audiologist, university teacher and am a doctoral student within hearing impairment and painting is my way of relaxing and expressing myself.